Any time any place!



An easy excuse not to exercise is either “I don’t have the time” or “I don’t have the space!” Being a Private nanny to two children the days that I work are long! I’m out of the house from 5.30 am to 6.30 pm, sometimes till 11 pm as me and the hubby run a bar voluntary at one of the local football clubs.  Fortunately for me I do get a Friday off work so this is when you will find me either running around Ipswich or at home following The body coach HITT workouts yet I still try to  find the time to do a 20 minute HITT workout or run during the week every other day! However I am human and if I’ve got the mentality ” I can’t be arsed” then I won’t as I find if your heart or mind are not in it then you won’t workout properly, where as if my mentality is “yeah I’m gonna do this today” I know I will kick it!!

In the top picture I am at the bar in the function room doing my weight session whist the hubby is behind the bar serving the other side, and in the bottom picture I’m actually on holiday in Scotland posing before using the hotels gym facility’s!  Now to me thats dedication and nothing to do with the fact we were there for a wedding  and I wanted to eat and drink😜




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