Back in the game!


What a gorgeous day today right! Now normally on a Sunday I lay in but as I knew it was going to be a warm sunny day I woke my hubby up and made him come for a run with me! So there we are at 8.30 geared up and ready to go when nightmare my Bluetooth head phones had run out of battery!!!  Now I don’t know about you but I can not run without music, I lose all motivation but luckily I found an old set in the back of a drawer. So we set off. Now I haven’t run for 3 and a half weeks coz I couldn’t be bothered but I know my bikini body won’t just magic itself and I’m off to Santorini in August so the run was my motivation. Above,  you can see my route and time, not my best but I wasn’t bothered as I was pleased I’d gone out there and done it especially in the heat that time of the morning! ☀️

Now being a lovely day we had lunch Alfresco, I went for a healthy option, Courgettes stuffed with tuna, carrot and onion topped with mozzarella, Yummy!! I also had a cheeky Rekorderlig (well it would be rude not to🍹) plus I’d burnt enough calories to have one 👍🏻😊

Above is a quote from “The running bug” which I felt was apt for me today.



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