My Flabulous life so far!

From the age of 20 my weight has always yo-yoed. I can’t exactly remember my weight but at my smallest I was a size 14 and at my biggest a size 22.

In my mid 20’s I was married for the first time and comfortable with life! Being comfortable meant I ate what I wanted when I wanted to eat it, therefore during this time I found myself at my biggest though still being happy.  Then the proverbial hit the fan and I found myself going through a divorce.  Wether it was the stress or me subconsciously wanting to make a change I began to lose weight and got down to a happy size 14.

During my 20’s I attended Weight Watchers and Slimming World and lost a fair amount of weight which set me in good sted to continue on my own.  Don’t get me wrong I still put weight on and lost but I now had a rough idea of what worked and what didn’t for me.

Then at 32 I met Jim and my life changed for the better!! 😊 Within a year we were engaged and just over a year later we were married in Vegas👰🏻🎩.

I was a comfortable happy size 18 when I met Jim but did feel unhealthy and unfit as Jim used to run and go to the gym and my only form of exercise was sitting on the couch lifting up the remote to the tele or picking up the phone to order a take away (which I am partial to 😜). It was then I decided I needed to take action so I began running. At first it was just around the block (it nearly killed me) but then I ran a little further each time and managed to run 3 miles. I used to go out 2-3 times a week and or though I wasn’t losing a lot of weight I was losing inches.  It took me about 4 weeks to run 3 miles, which to some might seem like it has taken me a long time but to me it was everything! I hadn’t run let alone exercised properly since being at school!

Our wedding was amazing and the exercise meant my dress fitted perfectly.

However content with life again my weight crept up slowly and the exercise became less and less and at Christmas 2015 I had crept back up to 15 stone 8 lbs which for me was a weight I didn’t want to be.  So from January this year me and the hubby decided to eat healthily and exercise together and so far I have lost 2 stone going from 15 stone 10lbs to 13 stone 10lbs and losing 15 .5 inches overall from my waist,hips and thighs. This = 🙂Me

Again it hasn’t been easy I’ve had my ups and downs and from now on I’ve decided to share my journey with yourselves!


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