Monday is the perfect day to correct last week’s mistakes!

Monday, Monday your here again far to soon we often say! Now normally I only work from 12.30 pm on a Monday but today I started my normal time 6.45 am.  Through no fault but my own I didn’t get enough sleep last night and this morning could of used match sticks to prop my eyes open but as my weigh day is a Monday I thought I’d better see the damage.  Pleasantly surprised I had stayed the same ( I thought I had put on due to some naughty food and not a lot of exercise) but this was not the case. Some people say to get rid of the scales or (sad step) as it’s known, which is great, but for me I don’t want to as I’ve always used it and all though  I can see I’m losing inches I still like to see the numbers going down!

For me Monday is the perfect day to start again as the weekend is sometimes a cheeky one 😜🍹🍰 . To help me with my healthy eating and weightloss I use the app My Fitness Pal and log ALL my eating habits and exercise (good or bad).  Knowing  where you went wrong last week puts you in good sted to correct it this week!

So with both the children at school and nursery this is the time I chose to do my exercise today. Again another beautiful day and what a way to start it off with taking my employees 🐶🐶 for a walk, actually no let me rephrase that, they took me for a walk! Then once I dropped them back I went for a little run around the field before coming back to do the housework and washing and getting ready to pick the youngest up from nursery.




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