Relaxing at Riverhills



Back in March my mum turned 60 and for her birthday I brought her a Mother/Daughter spa day at the Riverhills Health club and Spa in Ipswich (formerly Clarice house.) Me and my mum have always been close and she and my dad have done a lot for me so this is just one way I could repay her for being the great mum she is! (Dad don’t get jealous if your reading this, your turn will come!.)

Today was the day we decided to use it and the day did not disappoint!

The voucher included full Spa facilities and 3 treatments, a Germaine De Capuccini facial, a Swedish neck and back massage, an OPI manicure and a 2 course lunch!  Heaven!👌🏻

Like I’ve said before in my blog “Flabulous to Fabulous” for me it’s not just about feeling good it’s also about looking good and for this I do believe you should treat and pamper yourself once in a while wether this be at home in the bath with a good book and a glass of 🍷, or somewhere like a spa, or just however you choose to relax!  Always make time for yourself!! Love yourself before you love anyone else has always been my motto! (Some people might call me modest or think wow she’s up herself) but I’m really not bothered because as soon as I started to feel happy in myself the rest just fell into place.

Back to the treatments, they were all fabulous! The back massage was amazing I had more tension than I thought but that went away easily with the oils and technique they used. Next came the facial, again heavenly, I cleanse tone and moisturise on a daily basis, but this was something special the products are a little expensive yet amazing and I came away with such soft skin. With the booklet I took prices start from around £25 to about £70 so if you have some money you want to spend on skincare I would recommend.

After our treatments we had 2 hours till lunch so we took full opportunity of the spa facilities. We went for a swim in the pool, relaxed in jacuzzi and tried the steam rooms and sauna. We even had time to catch a few rays of ☀️ in the outdoor area. (Sorry about the milk bottle legs)


Time for lunch and yet again the food didn’t disappoint, a nice little dining area and a spot by the window over looking some flowers topped it off perfectly!


Last but not least manicures, again lovely I went for hot pink mum went for light glittery pink which you can see below!


All in all a wonderful day and mum loved the experience so much we are possibly going back again towards the end of a year or though if it’s not to pricey I might look at joining their gym! I’ll keep you posted!



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