My Rollercoaster week!


What a week, not weight loss wise mind you😬 but spending time with family and friends now this makes me 😊.

The weight crept up 5lbs this week due to Mother Nature and a few to many Bbqs and drinkie poos and is a little bit more than I hoped I’d put on.  I am annoyed with myself because I knew where I was going wrong but couldn’t stop myself eating! I’d like to blame just Mother Nature but unfortunately that would just be an excuse!  I just need to not have eyes bigger than my belly!

Fortunately I’ve started this week off  in the right way and gone for a run!  I did get out twice last week for a run and now feel I’ve got back in to the swing of it and will kick my weights butt this week rain or no rain! 👊🏻👍🏻

Putting aside the weight issue last  week in itself  was fab! I’ve caught up with some besties and spent some quality time with family!


I also took some time for me and as some of you may be aware from another of my blogs I had a spa day with my mummy, but also went to the hairdressers for a root touch up and wash and blow dry.  (Is it just me or does anyone else feel a million dollars when they’ve had their hair done?) I also got a little excited as I saw on my friends Instagram account a picture of a make up organiser tray and knew I needed to have one (much to the delight of the hubby, as he’s always finding my things all over the place 😁) and at just £3.99 from B&M knew it was a bargain! It now has pride of place in my bedroom on the shelf!


I feel so lucky I have great friends and family and like the quote above says “Every day is a gift, make it count!” Which I fully intend to do!



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