Running the right way!


Whoop Whoop, it’s a good Monday for me as I finally lost some weight! As my followers will know, last week weight wise wasn’t my best due to many things, but I really buckled down and out of the 5lb I put on, I lost 4lb! 😊.  I ate healthily but what really helped me was my running. I went for a run 3 times, I have found not also does running help weight loss but it’s such a good stress reliever and really gives me time to think! (And it helps when the weather is lush.)☀️ My last run was a run/walk as I hadn’t long eaten. (Word of advice leave it at least 2 hours after eating before going for a run!!!).


Also the running helped me as I had a friends birthday meal and a Father’s Day dinner, so with healthy eating the rest of the time I knew my runs would give me a little leeway to have a little treat, and it clearly works as I lost the 4lb and I could still enjoy time catching up with family and friends some of who I haven’t seen in a while!  All together a very happy week which has made me motivated for the coming week and know I can tackle anything that comes my way!

Below is me with some of my friends at the party and sunbathing with the in-laws doggy.



Tune in next week to see if I’m “Moving on up” or “hitting the skids”.


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