Wicked week!!!!!


Well what an awesome week! I have been so busy but also took some time to chill. Life is good! Below are just some of the things I’ve been getting up to this week as well as my weight loss journey which will feature in my blog tomorrow!

My favourites this week:

Colchester Zoo


I took the littlen I look after here for the morning and what great fun was had! We had fun walking around looking at the different animals and even stopped for a play in the park and an ice cream.🍦  (Word of advice it is hilly so if you fancy a trip and have a pram or buggy expect a good workout!)

A walk with the hubs

image One of my favourite things to do is walking on a lovely day and me and the hubs are avid Geocachers, (so if you are to we might see u about).

This is a view of the river walk in Ipswich that I captured on a glorious day whilst looking for a Geocache which we couldn’t find.😞

Fence painting

imageNow call me weird if you like but I love painting I find it therapeutic! Me and the hubs are looking to move in the coming months so are doing some little jobs round the house.  One included putting a fence panel in the garden as thanks to the wind the other broke, but as u can see        ( the taller one) it’s orange where the others are grey so I’m trying to match the colour to as near as I can. I think I still need couple of coats😜

Lionel Richie


What an awesome Date night with the hubs at Colchester Stadium to see the one and only Lionel! (I love a bit of Lionel!) Even the rain didn’t dampen our spirits and we were dancing All night long!😜


Every now  and then I baby sit for a family friend and once the kiddies go to bed it’s a nice time for me to relax and the family are so good they supply me with drink and food (they know me so well). Another way I like to relax is by colouring and love this adult colouring book!

For my weekly weightloss journey follow my blog tomorrow to see how this week has affected it! 😬


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