Weightloss achieved!

imageHi there people hope you all had a Fabulous week and weekend filled with lots of fun things!

Mine was a good week all round if you have read my last blog “Wicked week” you would of seen all the marvellous things I got up to but not only that I actually lost another 2lb!  This = 😊Me!

It was a good week for me exercise wise with lots of clean eating which I will now share with yourselves!

My exercise this week consisted of 3 runs (which you will see below) and 2 long walks with the hubby.  These runs along with clean eating for 6 days and a cheeky meal out on Saturday to a pub 😜on the way to watch Lionel Richie helped with the 2lb loss.

As you can see the time varies on the speed which comes down to my mood or the weather! I have stuck to the same route for the past few months so this week I’m going to change the routes as I don’t want to become bored which is easily done!  I’ll let you know how I get on!



Now to the clean eating! Most of you would of heard of Joe Wicks aka The body coach and I swear by his recipes in the books you can see in the picture.  “Lean in 15” is great for me as the days I work, I work long hours, so 15 minutes to prepare and cook food is amazing.  The same with the HITT workouts I find I can do them every day any time of day when I have 15 mins to spare.  Another thing I recommend is food prep, it is handy for me that I get Friday’s off work so after my morning run you will tend to find me in the kitchen preparing and cooking some meals for me and the hubs for the following week! (yes I’m a great wife) that way it makes it easier for me if I get home from work and go for a run or do a HITT workout I only have to warm it up!

The 3 pictures below are recipes from Joe Wicks books! These were 3 of the teas I had last week.  The first one is Chicken kebabs with sweet potato and salad.  The bottom picture on the left hand side is Halloumi burgers with sweet potatoes fries on a bed of spinach( I added the sweet potato and spinach) and the last one is Chicken satay skewers on a bed of rice! All so tasty but my favourite was the Halloumi burgers!

Here are the other meals I had for tea:

Pork Kebabs with cauliflower rice and broccoliimage

Smoked Salmon with sun dried tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and a mixed salad.



And then my naughty meal out, which we only had as we didn’t have to pay for the main as hubby had points on his Table Table card 👍🏻.  The only other thing this day I ate was a salad!

Paprika chicken with chips, salad and coleslaw and a rocky road sundae (without cream😜)

I believe every now and then you should treat yourself , otherwise you will get bored trust me!!

So my new goals for this week:

Exercise 5 days

More sleep

Drink more water

Another 2lb weight loss.

My holiday is under 6 weeks away and I am aiming to lose another 7lb ( half a stone) so the week before I can go out and buy some holiday clothes 👙.

Join me next week to see if I can!


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