Friday favourites

Hello there again peeps, slightly different blog to normal but felt I had to share.

Now I don’t know about yourselves but I wear make up on a daily basis and have yet to find a skincare product without paying the earth that works for me until now.

I used to always cleanse, tone and moisturise but have got a little bit lax recently, I still always take my make up off every night no matter what time but have noticed my skin has become dry, not all over my face but mainly on my forehead.  I put it down to cheap make up wipes I’d been using and not undergoing a proper skincare regime.

imageBoots No 7 is my new favourite. I use their “Beautiful skin” eye make up remover, it is quite oily so I suggest if you have oily skin to steer clear of it but with a little dab on the cotton wool  it takes the make up off beautifully.  I then use the “Soft and soothed” cleanser.  I needed to use a cleanser that would deep clean and empty out my pores of any residue and found this works well. Again you only need a small amount of cleanser as it glides over your face smoothly when you apply. Some cleansers I have used have made my face feel tight or dried out afterwards but this leaves my skin feeling silky soft.

The toner again is Boots’s “Soft and soothed” range which I also find refreshes my skin as well as hydrating it and hey no more dry skin on forehead! I highly recommend these products and no matter what your skin type there range covers all! 👍🏻

imageAnother favourite product of mine is the “Soap and glory” range at boots. This makes my whole body feel super soft.  Again affordable prices for beautiful feeling skin. Also comes in either big tubs or little mini ones ( great for hols) .  As well as skincare products they also do make up which I have yet to try!  My faves are the hand cream, and the body butter! Again they have different varietys so it is worth going in to have a peruse to see the different ranges and smell the different smells as they all differ and its down to own personal preference.



I absolutely love perfume and have 3 favourites.  I love a floral scent, not to flowery as I find this can be over powering and make me feel nauseous but these 3 are just right.

First we have Bright Crystal by Versace this contains pomegranate seeds, lotus flowers, Acajou and musk to name but a few. Prices start from around £28 for a small bottle to around £70 for a large

Secondy we have Diamands by Emporio Armani this contains lychee, raspberry, rose, lily of the valley, freesia, Amber and vanilla. This is my favourite perfume and wear this most of the time. Prices start from about £28 to £70.

Thirdly we have Romance by Ralph Lauren. This contains rose, ginger, marigold, lychee, camomile, lotus flower and violet.  As you can see all 3 perfumes are similar and I would recommend them all. Prices start from around £35 to £70.

Nail varnish


The colours are from left to right:

Skinny dip, Aloha, Bikini, Surfboard, Flamingo and Starfish.

Its only recently that I’ve just started buying nail varnish as I haven’t long stopped biting my nails! I wish I’d done it sooner as there are so many gorgeous ones to choose from like these ones above!

These are the Coconut Infusion range by Barry M. Whilst taking some time for myself I was flicking through a magazine when who should I spot on the back cover but the gorgeous Lucy Mecklenburgh promoting these beauty’s. In boots they were on offer I think it was buy one get one half price and as I couldn’t choose between colours I brought them all (whoops) 😬 I thought these colours would be lovely for my holiday but now I have to choose what ones to wear 🤔


The only colour I am not wearing is Starfish.


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