Mighty Monday











Well this picture above pretty much sums up my week!  It hasn’t been good at all. Yes I have run 5 times and been on a couple of walks but I have eaten pretty much everything from a Pizza Hut, Chips, Indian, BBQ to biscuits, cakes and sweets!  This has resulted with me putting on 2 lbs! Thankfully I am ok with this as I thought it was going to be more, which I think it might have been if it wasn’t for the exercise!

Part of me blames Mother Nature as a week before I always want to eat everything in site,  but I know I just need to have more will power to say NO to myself.  image I’m forever telling myself not to eat it your just bored, or have a drink instead your just thirsty, but no matter what it just seems to end up in my mouth 😱 And as for going out with my family and friends I think I need to stop (lol only joking).  I’ve had a good time with them which is the main thing and or though I have eaten some naughty food I have tended to eat salads for lunch so I have more room for tea but them biscuits and sweets have just been calling my name! 🙈🙉🙊

Running has been a little bit of a struggle also for me at times this week.  I’ve really had to motivate myself to go for it! I think eating the wrong food had spurred me on to run but think all the junk food had started to take its toll and had made me feel tired and lethargic and due to this it had made me run slower than I know I can.  However I am pleased with my Wednesday run as its my longest run in ages , I don’t know what made me run longer I just knew I could, (slightly embarrassing run though as I noticed when I got back my trousers were on back to front 🙈😬)  Lets hope I was running quick enough for people not to notice!  Also you might have noticed the routes are pretty much still the same so I am going to try to change them this week.

We have had some gorgeous evenings in Ipswich so me and the hubs have also been out for some nice evening strolls and finally found the geocache we were looking for that I told you about in my blog “Wicked Week”.  I find this relaxes me and makes me feel sleepy and the nights we’ve been for walks I’ve slept well!  I do struggle with the recommended sleep (7-9 hours) as I need to be up at 5.30 am and rarely find myself going to bed before 10pm, let alone being asleep by 10.30 but I am trying to be in bed by 10.


Now for the food pics, Like I said I have been quite naughty but here are a couple of my healthy teas and a lunch.  I will have more on next weeks blog 😊

Spanish Chicken



Vegetable Frittata


Chicken Salad


Most importantly always believe in this quote!!!!!


So now to a new week and new start, let’s see if this one makes a difference! Catch you next week.😘






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