New Monday, New week, New goals!


Well what a busy week!  It’s  safe to say that I stayed the same weight as last week!   The healthy eating completely went out of the window this week as I have been so busy and had to grab food when I could as I didn’t prep anything before hand (nightmare!)   I’m now thinking to myself it might not be realistic to try and lose the half a stone I wanted to lose in 2 and a half weeks before my holiday as I’m still so busy but I am going to try to lose something by keeping up with my runs and prepping my food.

However even though I haven’t lost any weight I still went out and brought some holiday clothes and swimwear and managed to fit into a smaller size😊.

I have always struggled with finding 2 piece swimsuits that make me feel confident and comfortable as my shape means I’m bigger on top than I am on bottom.  I tend to find I have to try on different shape and sizes in bikini tops as they all differ and I don’t want to be one of those people who dresses for the body they think they have, not the body they have got and let’s be truthful no one would like to see (myself included) my body in a bikini where I’m hanging out everywhere!

Even more exciting though me and the hubs have brought a house! 🏡 We will be moving out of our 1 bedroom flat and moving into a 3 bedroom house! We are so excited and have our fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly.  This week has been so busy viewing areas and houses, sorting out solicitors, having meetings as well as meeting up with amazing friends partying at festivals and BBQs hence the naughty no prepping! I can not wait to get back on track today!

Somehow I still managed to fit in 3 runs last week and a 5 mile walk yesterday with the hubs making the most of the glorious ☀️.

2 of my runs were my fastest in a little my while which I’m really pleased with as I have been getting fed up of not getting any quicker but I’ve really pushed myself so hopefully I can keep this up!


Like I said the healthy eating hasn’t been great but here are 2 pictures of meals I had this week.  imageThe first picture is a chicken burger with sweet potato fries and salad and the bottom picture is a Joe Wicks special Hot and Sour Beef noodles.image

This next picture however isnt a healthy food pic and you may have seen this online either on Facebook or Pinterest etc but my friends mum made this at her BBQ and it was yummy! I would definitely recommend this!  I’m not a massive lover of cheese but am getting better (not that I eat a lot on my healthy eating plan😜).

Melted Camembert in bread


Fun with family and friends at BBQ’s


Now I will get back on track and will fill you in next Monday! Have a good week peeps! 😘


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