To hot to handle

Hi there peeps hope you’ve had a glorious week and enjoyed the sunshine! ☀️

Let’s just say I didn’t get back on track this week so another week of staying the same weight wise for me! I found it very difficult with the heat this week to get in the right frame of mind for a run, I tried once but failed miserably, and got annoyed with myself and gave up! However with it being such glorious weather I did mange to go for a couple of long walks (as any exercise is better than none) with the hubs later in the evening when it was slightly cooler.  We walked a couple of different routes and it was nice to see other surroundings and now have new routes for my runs! 👍🏻

Eating this week was slightly better than last week!  As I already told myself I wasn’t running due to the heat. I knew I had to choose wisely when it came to eating.  Fortunately in this weather I don’t like eating lots and enjoy salads and lighter meals.  Here are a few meals I had this week and a couple of naughty treats😜

Top left is a home made Tortilla Pizza taken from Joe Wicks cook book as well as the the bottom left picture, this is Pork and mozzarella with beetroot and a side salad (should be with Feta cheese but I don’t like feta) and the bottom right is a Chicken Risotto also from his cook book which was tasty! Mum and dad treated me and the hubs to a pub lunch yesterday so I had the roast dinner you can see and then the naughty ice cream cake for pudding.  I babysat Saturday night for a family member and they left me a bottle of prosecco and some choccies!🍾🍫

Even though I didn’t eat to badly I could tell that the runs obviously help with the weight loss as I didn’t lose any weight and felt slightly sluggish.  I notice the weather is slightly cooler for this week so I am starting again today with the runs 😊👍🏻 as I’m not letting one bad week ruin the rest of my weightloss journey!  I’ve come so far all ready and am happy with my progress and I want to continue along with my healthy eating and weightloss!

This quote below is my aim for this week! I’ll let you know how I get on! Have a fab week everybody! 😘





3 thoughts on “To hot to handle

  1. I really like the quote, and it seems like you have a good plan with exercising, something all of us struggle with now and then, and the food you eat, which by the way looks absolutely delicious.

    I absolutely love cheeeese, the more the better. May I ask, why don’t you like feta? All feta or only some kinds? My personal favourite is Danish Feta


    1. Thank you Chris I appreciate the comment! I’ll keep posting pictures of my meals in my blogs! I’ve never been a big fan of any cheese and could only eat it if it was melted especially on chips! 😂 but recently i have got better. Admittedly I can only eat it with something else for example cucumber, I cant actually bite it in its own! Feta I just don’t like the texture or the look of it but I am going to Santorini in a couple of weeks so am going to give it a go and will let you know in my blog how I get on with it! My favourite cheese now though is Mexicana.

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      1. Thanks for the very informative reply. As a person of the cheese-appreciation-community (made up) I am deeply saddened (just kidding), but I have noticed that people tend to not like cheese because of the maturity of the cheese. So if I want someone to start eating cheese I would recommend something like mozzarella and gouda to start with and move on to tussers.

        Sounds like you have a great trip coming up. Hope you enjoy it and give cheese another chance. Good luck


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