Food, sun, sea, holiday and more food,food,food!



Hello everybody, I bet you’ve been wondering where I’ve been? I can’t believe it’s been two weeks since my last post! The first week was a bit of a nightmare as I wasn’t very well and the house fell through that we were buying so a bit of a stressful week but luckily the second week I was able to relax as me and the hubs travelled to Santorini  a Greek island with my mum and dad!



Wow what a place! Now I love Greece and have always said I’d love to retire over there one day and I think it would have to be here! It is such a beautiful and scenic little island and the views are out of this world!! The sunsets are amazing and not one is the same I would recommend this island if you want a romantic get away.


Now before I left my weight had stayed the same and I was happy with that as all my clothes fitted!  Alas the same can’t be said now as I’ve  put on 4lb! But you know what I’m really not bothered as Mother Nature is a pain and I ate a mixture of food some healthy, some not so healthy but I had an amazing time and wouldn’t change anything from it! The best thing is I had a little bit of a cheat week but I’m now back on track! I was motivated to lose the weight before holiday which I did as I’d lost 2 stone which got me started, admittedly I broke the habit whilst on holiday but now I’m back I’m focussed on the motivation and looking forward to getting back to the habit which is why I believe in the quote above!

Now for my food, take a look at the picture below, yummy right?! Well these were my breakfasts for the week! I know what your probably thinking 😍😋👌🏻😯🤐 but it was so good! Plus I never worried to much as we did between 2 and 5 mile walks most days up and down the hills of Santorini in the beautiful but blistering heat as well as swimming in the sea and pool!  I’m also not a massive water drinker or though I’m getting there but I drank a big bottle over there every day!  As well as freshly made fruit smoothies and fresh fruit juice which you will also see in the pictures below (so I wasn’t always naughty😝) I’m also proud of myself as whilst over there I only had two alcoholic drinks but they are my fave a fresh Strawberry Daiquiri with naughty sugar round the top (but if you can’t spoil yourself when on holiday, when can you?)





Now to my main meals again yummy right?!


Like I said I had an amazing week, one I will never forget but I am now looking forward to getting back on track and  setting myself small goals to lose a little more weight. My next goal is to shift the 6lbs in the next 2 weeks and then another 7lb in the 4 weeks after that ready for my friends 25th Wedding anniversary at the end of September!




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