Another great week!!

imageGood morning people! Another glorious Monday is upon us!

So you are probably wondering if I Achieved the goals I set myself last week, so let’s have a little look.

Did I exercise 5 times this week?  Yes I did ☺️

Did I get more sleep? I did! It helps having a Fitbit to monitor sleep!

Drink more water? Epic Fail.  I’m terrible when it comes to water, I’m not a fan but I know it’s good for you and I always take a bottle with me on my runs so this counts right?  Next week I will aim to drink more water!

Lastly the weight loss………….3lb!!! So so happy 😊


Above are the runs I did last week.  As I said in my other blog “Weightloss achieved” I was going to run a different route this week and that I did!  However I like to know where I’m going and forgot to plan a route (which isn’t like me) so I just had to make it up as I went along and hope it would be roughly 2 miles which it was.

The route I chose isn’t that much different from the last one but it was nice to have different surroundings to focus on and made me enjoy each step even though one of my runs was in wind and hail 🌦💨  I am also impressed that my last run yesterday was at 6.28 am! Now that’s dedication for you on a Sunday morning!!👌🏻

This week I’m going to try another route and hope that the weather continues to be nice as there’s nothing better than blue skies and ☀️to motivate me more!

So to the food last week!  Again another healthy week even with the BBQ we had on Sunday, as well as some more recipes from Joe Wicks “Lean in 15”.

 imageStuffed Portobello Mushrooms.

These were a yummy Joe Wicks recipe, they were filled with chicken and mozzarella on a bed of spinach and tomato. Not overly filling so added half a packet of Uncle Bens wholemeal rice.

Tortilla Pizza.

Another  Joe Wicks yummy meal!

The pizza consisted of tomato purée, mozzarella, ham, spinach, sweetcorn and spring onion . image

Curried Chicken boats

imageAdmittedly this isn’t how the  picture looks in Joe Wicks book (he has everything in the lettuce boat) but still tasted amazing.  Me and the hubs eat a lot of chicken and as we get 5 Kilos of chicken from Muscle Foods we sometimes struggle with ideas of what to do with it (and don’t like to get bored of eating it) so we love looking for different healthy chicken recipes.

Musclefood steak, Sweet potato fries and salad.


My own food but still yummy.

image I also went strawberry picking during the week with the littlen and brought these beauty’s which I’ve had all week.

Musclefood Meat


Lastly I just have to share this picture!  The hubs has a high protein diet and I eat quite a lot also, so we have a lot of meat in the  house.  If you like your meat I would recommend Musclefood as there good for weightloss and increasing protein intake to help build lean muscle.  All of the above cost us £65 and this will last us about 6 weeks so I say this is good value for money and the meat is superb!

Follow my blog to see how I get on in the following week.  I have an Indian meal and a BBQ to attend so fingers crossed 👍🏻😊 but like the quote says above

The difference between this week and what you do next week is what you do for the next 7 days to achieve your goal.


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